Woman wearing biking enjoying quiet moments floating in water.

Grounded In Quiet Moments

Design Your Quiet Moments

How do you design your quiet moments?  I ask because I find time management to be fascinating!  If you design your day, your week, or your calendar by scheduling time for quiet then you are well on your way to driving your future forward!

Are you responsible for team meetings?  Do you schedule one-hour meetings?  Do they wrap up within 45 to 50 minutes?  Helping your team have concise communication, be purposeful in their remarks, and allow the time to switch gears from one meeting to the next is one way to design quiet moments.  If you help facilitate this type of meeting transition, then you are helping people improve their mental health.

Are you scheduling webinars or training during a traditional lunch hour window?  Is lunch included, is there time to enjoy the meal and savor the flavor before digging into the topic of the day?  Is there a clear break between the meal, the restroom, and the group work?  If lunch is being provided, was the menu available to the attendees in advance?  Inclusivity goes beyond what we see and hear, our taste buds are as unique as our career goals.  That moment of “mmmmm” while sipping a café con leche is one of my favorite moments of quiet.  What’s yours?

Schedule Your Quiet Moments

Depending upon when you are reading this particular blog, it might be three weeks before Thanksgiving, three months away from Easter or three days before your wedding anniversary.  Whatever important day is on the horizon for you, add an appointment to your calendar and call it your “Quiet Moment”. 

Ask your partner to take on a task they don’t normally do and find a quiet space and enjoy your moment.  Then do the same for your partner, and the people on your team.  Take something off their plate for one day and give them back a few minutes of time.

If you’re wondering, what do I do?  Almost every morning begins on my lanai with my husband.  It’s our official “coffee date” or “Coftea” date if one of us isn’t feeling well.  Sometimes we watch the sunrise, the rainfall, or the clouds roll away.  We usually guess the temperature of the day and the winner makes coffee for the other person the next day.  I make every effort not to schedule a meeting during our coffee date.  It isn’t always easy, some people are only available first thing in the morning, but I assure you after that first meeting, our coffee date is back on the schedule.

Be creative, design your own quiet moments and help others find quiet space in their day.  Your future, your career and your family will thank you for it!

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