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Polished & Vintage Resumes

Using your turn signal!

Have you ever asked yourself how many different turn signals exist on motorcycles and automobiles? Think about it for a moment. Think about how unique they really are and yet their function is the same.  Your turn signal is designed to notify everyone on the road of your intentions.  We are required to use them even when we don’t see other drivers on the road.  If a light burns out, we are expected to get it replaced timely.  If you don’t, you could earn yourself a traffic ticket for a moving violation.

What if I told you that your resume is like a turn signal?

If you are active in the employment, internship, and volunteer space, there is an expectation that you have a polished, well-lit resume.  The expectation is that your resume is current, unique, and reflects your intentions.  It needs to signal to the workplace that you are there to conduct business, help an organization, contribute to their goals, and have the knowledge, (transferable) skills, and drive to move them forward. 

An employer, intern, and volunteer group will ask you to agree to keep your work-life respectful, polished, and well-lit at all times.  If your light begins to dim, they will invite you to have open and honest conversations with your team and your next-level manager.

As quickly you can spot vintage turn signals, managers can spot a dated resume often filled with a work history dating back to the ’90s coupled with phrases like “references furnished upon request” or “my objective is”.  Hopefully, you have learned several new skills that have replaced the old way of getting your job done.  One great example is technology.  Employers want to know you use QuickBooks, Excel, Word, Google docs, or Zoom to reach your goals and conduct business.

If you’re thinking about using your turn signal and your resume isn’t polished and well-lit, then schedule a consultation with Helen at Drive The Goal.  Schedule your consult by 8/21/21 and use promo code DriveAug to earn 10% off your proposal package.  

Drive Your Future Forward!

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