Helen G Sneed receives 100 Women of Color award

Helen G Sneed

About the Woman who Created Drive The Goal

Hope anchors my soul, and dreams drive my goals! 

My story began with the love I felt as a little girl raised in a foster home. The apple of my eye passed away when I was a teenager. My “Poppa” passed away two weeks before the Christmas holiday, which forced me to become an adult at 14. I quickly realized that if I didn’t earn a degree (or two or three) and find a self-sustaining career, I would never own a home, play the stock market, or travel the world. Yes, I was that young when I started setting adult-size goals. I felt the bumps and bruises of being lost, making mistakes, and not always knowing where to find the right answers.

I wanted to create a business that would help people feel as though they could connect with someone that understood their dreams and could help navigate the complexities of life, business, community, and technology. Equipped with a background in Human Resource Management, recruiting, training, compensation and benefits, labor and union relations, mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, and rightsizing, there aren’t many situations that I haven’t encountered in one industry or another. This isn’t intended to be my resume so let’s look at how I spend my time when I’m not Driving The Goal.

Helen G Sneed in red suit.
Helen G. Sneed

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Helen G Sneed is a Certified Employment Interview Professional CEIP (logo)
Certified Employment Interview Professional, CEIP
Helen G Sneed is a Certified Professional Resume Writer CPRW (logo)
Certified Professional Résumé Writer


Helen G Sneed is a Professional Association of Resume Writers Career Coaches (logo)
Professional Association or Resume Writers & Career Coaches, PARWCC
SHRM logo in blue
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)


South Lake Chamber of Commerce
Member & Board of Directors
Volunteer & Member

My Community

Education and community are important to me. To me, that’s how we change the world. I love spending time helping students with scholarship applications, apprenticeships, and internships. Some of my students have become accountants, engineers, HVAC technicians, nurses, and police officers. I’m proud of them and for different reasons.

In March of 2018, I was honored for my contributions to the community as one of Connecticut & Massachusetts’s 100 Women of Color. I received the Valedictorian Award for the 100 Women of Color, Class of 2018.


University of New Haven centennial logo with yellow background
Executive MBA
Business Administration & Management
Central CT State University blue round logo
Bachelor's Degree
Business Management
Blue Tunxis Community College logo
Associate's Degree
Marketing Management

There’s More to the Story

I’m not sure I have a traditional hobby like most people. I enjoy cooking. It’s relaxing, and I can play my music. I cook by taste, smell, and experience. When I make a roasted stuffed chicken, I find a unique seasoning in a boutique store. I take fresh bay leaves and place them in the oven. Once dried, I crush the bay leaves and add them to my stuffing made from homemade breadcrumbs, butter, chicken broth, corn, and mushrooms. There isn’t a recipe for my stuffed chicken; I created it.

My story wouldn’t be complete without my husband, Gregory. He’s also known as GBSaxPlayer with a new hit single entitled “My One and Only Love.” He’s my partner in life, love, and the business. He’s the law enforcement arm of the firm. He keeps me safe, the world safe, and me safe from the world. I love him more than ice cream!

Oh, and if you have read my blog post about “Berkeley” then you know about him too.

If we work together or partner on a project, you will learn more about my ability to place you in the Driver’s seat to Drive Your Goals!

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