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Frequently Asked Questions

We created categories of Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand our services. 

Connect with us one on one to ask more specific questions.

Yes, we will discuss your qualifications in detail. Our approach will be text-centric and straightforward to make finding key phrases easy for the ATS. No pictures, no logos, and we will keep the human element in mind as well.

An elevator pitch can sound rehearsed and memorized. We’ll explore your unique blend of talents, skills, values, job experience, aspirations, and life factors and put together a strategic, personalized approach.

We can help you whether you are laser-focused or completely confused and everything in between. We’ll spend time learning your professional journey.

Yes, we can. We will be transparent with you and discuss where we think you may have missed the mark based on our human resources background and thousands of interviews and resume reviews.  We’ll make suggestions and offer guidance to help improve your chances for a promotion.

Yes, our services can be a la carte, bundled, or based on time spent together.

Yes, based on the size of your organization and what you have today, we may use what you have as a foundation or start from scratch. We’ll meet with you, and together we’ll agree on a strategic approach.

Every situation and organization is different. We can partner “as needed” or in a more consistent capacity. We’ll work together to meet your needs.

Yes, we have a basic framework that includes understanding your organization, your needs, and current policies before we roll out a companywide training.

We can provide training to help bring your current staff up to speed and keep a line of communication open and remain a future resource.

As a starting point, we will walk through a careful analysis of your current suite of benefits, their utilization rates, and the goals of your benefit programs and packages.

Yes, we can help you with those too! We’ll walk through knowledge gaps, training gaps, and performance gaps. We’ll turn those gaps into SMART goals in support of your organization’s strategic plan and overall mission.

Outplacement provides benefits that can save resources and legal costs that may arise during the termination of long-term, dedicated staff. It’s a stressful time for everyone, and emotions can block information. We can connect with your employees, offer support, improve their self-esteem and focus their efforts on a new opportunity. We help ease the sting by offering hope and a personalized strategic plan to move their future forward.

Yes, we refrain from posting specific information on our website or social media sites about the organizations that have conducted layoffs.

At a minimum, everyone will receive a redesigned resume and mock interview. We can work together to create a package that works for everyone.

Absolutely. We find it less intrusive and more cost effective than meeting in person.

We’ll track usage, provide a report, and if someone doesn’t connect with us, we can extend their time, email them job openings or provide a credit.

Absolutely. It’s better to reflect on the questions asked, your responses, the agency you interviewed with, and who sat on the Oral Board to determine how or why there was a disconnect.

Yes, and we have been responsible for inviting command-level law enforcement leaders to participate and design Oral Board questions.

It depends on if you are a recruit, mid-career, or agency transfer. We can discuss all this and more to help put an individualized plan together that works for you.

It’s imperative to articulate who you are and how this career choice matches your skillset. Taking an oath to protect and serve must become a part of how you live your life. All this and more needs to come out during your oral board interview.

Yes, be professional, polished, neat, clean, and everything should be ironed.

Your Goals and Our Insight is Where Your Goals Happen!

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