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Advance your Career with a Professional Career Coach

Are you achieving your career goals? Have you set any short-term or long-term career goals with your employer? Have you assessed your potential and analyzed your skills? If you answered no to any of these questions, then it’s time to recommit to your future. As your Career Coach we’ll help you set career goals and drive your future forward.

It can be difficult to plot out a perfectly designed career path and a killer resume. Life happens, personal situations change, and businesses frequently right size with changes in leadership and expectations.

We’ll learn what’s important to you, why it’s time to take an inventory of your skills, and assess your earning potential. We’ll help advance your career goals and drive your future forward.

Talent Assessment

You and your talents are unique, and so is our approach to your goals. We can help you determine if your goals have outgrown your current environment. Informal leaders are everywhere and your strength and independence might be better served in a different department or with a new company. Our personalized and strategic approach will empower you to better articulate your “value add,” showcase your talents and get the most out of your next career move.

Your Human Capital

In addition to the professional highlights of your resume, we’ll explore you beyond a tangible document. We will get to know you and what you do well in the office, online, and in life.

Identifying Your Internal Drivers

You may feel that now is the time to reinvent yourself. It’s all about your goals and aspirations, let’s explore the possibilities and ultimately achieve your goals!

  • Are you creative, a critical thinker, someone who collaborates often, and communicates well?
  • Are you an independent thinker or overachiever?
  • Can you evaluate and process new ideas quickly, comb through information found in different media platforms?
  • Are you naturally curious?
  • Have you helped your community grow, spent time volunteering, or served on a board or committee?
  • In life, are you adaptable, an informal leader, self-initiative projects with good social skills?

Whether you are exploring a career change, promotion, establishing yourself within a field, transitioning mid-career, or see yourself as well seasoned, we can help. 

A Career Coach can help with Employment Gaps

Don’t let those gaps in employment scare you. We’ll talk through the learning curve during those gaps and how you came out on top!
You are a unique blend of talents, skills, values, experiences, aspirations, and life factors. We’ll work with you to create a strong sense of your next destination and how to redesign your resume, target your cover letter, rock the interview, and enhance your negotiation skills.

Together we’ll create, organize and manage those goals that are uniquely yours. We’ll redesign your human capital to drive your future forward!

Your Goals and Our Insight is Where Your Goals Happen!

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