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HR Consulting

We believe in caring for the wellness of people.

We believe in contributing to a profitable, sustainable workforce that develops excellence.

How you accomplish both is where we come in!

How We Partner with Your Leadership Team

We design our partnership to engage with an established HR Team or serve as your HR Business Partner:

  • Anticipates obstacles through planning
  • Be a problem solver that educates
  • Contributes to excellence through consistency
  • Focuses on what really matters to drive your business forward
  • Guides, informs and supports your goals with understanding
  • People-focused policies
  • Resolves issues in a way that fosters and preserves relationships
  • Understands theory while presenting realistic, lived experience options
  • Visualizes your goals through human resources
  • Winning outcomes

We Believe in Caring for the Wellness of People!

We live in a dynamic environment, a multicultural world filled with dreams, hope, and trauma. We view wellness as the process of change and growth to promote financial, mental, physical, and social well-being.

Your team, your staff, and your leadership all contribute to how your employees live their lives and their ability to fulfill their hopes and dreams. They also bring their traumatic life events and possibly generational trauma with them through emotional reactions to policies, programs, and performance reviews. Employees don’t always leave their fears, insecurities, and self-doubt at the door or packed in a suitcase. We help walk you through incorporating this understanding into your benefits, events, programs, policies, and promotional opportunities.

Let’s Explore What HR Consulting Looks Like

Your organization has several new hires and equally as many seasoned employees. A small group of new employees was extremely excited about creating a social photo board. A fun, harmless idea to generate engagement across different departments. It’s easy, a contest using baby pictures. The employees who match the most baby pictures correctly to current employee will earn a day off with pay. Who wouldn’t participate? Everyone wants an extra day off with pay?

How will your organization approach this idea if an employee was raised in a foster home or orphanage and doesn’t have any baby pictures? What if they are embarrassed by the poverty seen in their photo? Employees want to fit in and don’t necessarily want to disclose these painful details. Their emotional reaction for not participating is greeted by their immediate supervisor, who suggests why they should participate during morning meetings, weekly huddles, or through emails. The verbal message indicates it’s voluntary, and the actual message trumpets that participation is highly recommended.

We Help Solve Your HR Problems

We can help problem solve, educate, and resolve issues in ways that will continue to foster newly formed relationships and preserve established relationships. We will ask you questions to expand ways of accomplishing your goals. Over time, you will begin to ask yourself those questions, and that is where the growth begins.

Have you come up with a modified version of the social photo board yet? Give us a call and let’s talk through your idea. It’s the perfect opportunity to understand “why” we started our HR Consulting Business, what we can do for you, and how we’ll help you drive your organization forward and the wellness of your human resources!


Your Goals and Our Insight is Where Your Goals Happen!

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