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Outplacement Services

Driving in a Different Direction

You realize it’s time to drive in a different direction. Your organization has done its due diligence and determined that going through a layoff is your best, only, and final option to solve your financial problems. There will be other (potential) obstacles and optics to consider, such as your remaining workforce, public relations issues, possible media coverage, and other stakeholders such as vendors and customers.

Whether it’s a large-scale layoff or strictly the local impact of an organization’s layoff decision, it could make it difficult to recruit talent in the future. Social media connections and instant messaging can take on a life of their own, a life that lasts longer than your last Board meeting or annual retreat.

As daunting, painful, and legal as this process is for an organization, it can be even more painful for the head of a household. It can be devastating when two or more people from the same family or extended family work for the same organization.

Our Outplacement Services Help You Infuse Compassion and Empathy

When you determine you must drive in a different direction, do the best you can for the soon-to-be-former employees. A healthy severance package complemented with our layoff recovery package and other economic assistance can make layoffs more manageable for your employees and their families.

You will be better served on those social media platforms and in your future recruiting efforts if your soon-to-be-former employees talk about their compassionate layoff recovery package instead of the brown box with their name on it filled with their personal belongings.

A Compassionate Package of Outplacement Services

We can help design a compassionate package of services with your budget in mind!

  • Anticipate their barriers to future employment
  • Help frame why a layoff was the only remaining option
  • Contribute to their understanding of COBRA benefits
  • Empathize with their emotional reactions because we’ve been there
  • Focuses on a few good and great next steps to help move them forward
  • Guide, inform and support their skills learning efforts
  • Lists strengths, projects, and successful outcomes they’ve had with you
  • Map out strategic job searches
  • Resolves issues in a way that preserves relationships
  • Resume and cover letter workshops
  • Zoom meetings for mock interviews

We all like to believe we plan for the unexpected until we get that phone call. You know the call, “Sam, this is Helen from HR, and I need to see you in Jay’s office for a minute.”

Employment is a Relationship

Employment is a relationship we rely on for our emotional, financial, physical, and social well-being. Even when an employee thinks their employment relationship isn’t ideal, it’s still a relationship they are engaged with daily. Take that away suddenly, and you still have what they consider to be a nasty breakup.

Reach out to us today for a confidential consultation. We’ll help you drive forward in a different direction.

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